Millionaire Mother on day 69 of her weightloss journey with little bit of big news
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Day 69 – My little big bit of news!

Hello my dear friend, I am on my routine walk of the evening trying to make my 7,000 paces (steps). And I just wanted to pop in quickly, because I have some really (minor) MAJOR news. Officially, this weekend, after a few weeks of eating a plant-based diet, going on my whole-foods plant-based vegan diet journey, I lost 20 pounds, yeaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

So, hah, that is off my chest. I feel amazing. I am starting to get comments from the people around me, like “Have you lost weight?” Yep, I have. So that was it pretty much. I am thinking about going to share some of my week menus, if people are interested, so they can copy what I am eating or get inspired by it. So there is really something nice going on with my body. My energy is up, I feel really vitalized. The stuff (read: food) is going through my body and I feel great, like my body was designed to eat like this. Big BIG aha moment for me. Yeah!

So, that was it. I will pop in when I have something new to share. And for now I wish you a very very blessed, inspirational and healthy day.

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Bye, love you! xo Yvonne


Scale: 96.0 kg. -10 kg (-20 lbs). Date June 10, 2018.

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