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Day 4 – Full stop and reflect

Hey good evening. Yvonne van Dalen for Millionaire Mother here. Well, what can I say about today? It’s been a mess, because I have an awful headache. I have not been as active as I wanted to be. I’ve written a blog post about my life and my weight that has been going up and down for as long as I can remember. So I thought I made this commitment to myself to exercise and do a daily vlog. So here I am. But I’m on the couch, I’ve had some painkillers and drank loads of water and tea and I am floored by this enormous migrain or headache. I can’t tell the difference today. It’s a lot.

So it’s not a #tgif moment for me, but that’s okay as well. I have really nothing planned this weekend, so that’s good. I can go out and enjoy the sunshine, because the weather forecast is really good for this weekend. So I will try and get outside and get that headache out of my system.

Tonight is about watching a bit of telly, giving myself rest, because obviously my body needs it today. And hopefully get a good night’s rest. If you’re interested on my website there is a blog About Yvonne where you can learn a bit about my story. I’ve also uploaded some pictures where you can see me and my weight going up and down.

It was really confrontational for me to write this, but I used that confrontation to FEEL what I really feel. And I thought that that was really good. I made a small overview of my life, and what has led me up to this point of wanting to change my life and finding my authentic self and transforming my lifestyle. So all in all this day has been a bit slower than planned. But writing the blog has really put my mind at ease that I’m on the right path. And it was really nice writing so you can get to know me by reading it.

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I hope to see you tomorrow and I hope to be in better shape tomorrow. I wish you a wonderful Friday evening!

Bye, xo Yvonne

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