Millionaire Mother on day 51 of her transformational journey
Transformational journey

Dag 51 – I’m back (after vlog break from day 5-50)


Hello my dear friend, it’s Yvonne van Dalen, Millionaire Mother. I am checking after a long LONG break of several weeks. I thought it was time to give you a heads up, because I really think it was time to explain why I have been away so long, so I wanted to make this new vlog.

I went into this journey thinking I could easily find a solution and go on and improve my life, but as it turns out, it took me a lot of thinking and soul-searching. And after a few weeks of terrible terrible headaches my body started to protest (let me stop walking for a bit because I’m out of breath and I don’t want you to think that I am really in bad shape, because I’m not). So I had this very severe blatter infection, insomnia, headaches, the works. So for me it was like my body is going through a transformation. My body is going through a cleanse. I started avoiding processed foods, sugar, and after a few weeks, I started to realize a needed to do the biggest transformation of my life when it comes to food.

So I made the decision to switch to an entirely whole foods plantbased diet! And that’s what I have been doing for the past few weeks. It’s been a big transformation. It’s been a learning process with a steep learning curve and I really like to share my process, but I’ll write a blog about that, because that takes to much time talking and I really want to enjoy this lovely evening sun.

Up until now I have been eating very very well, and I have lost 16 pounds, so something is really changing. (I’ll just wait until these ladies pass me by.) I’ll write you about this once I have finished my walk here this evening. But right now I am feeling good and I’m feeling excited. I have been eating as a vegetarian in my teens, then I have done all the diets that I blogged about a few weeks ago, and nothing really felt good for me.

And right now, I know this is my path. I really feel so good about not eating animal products, going vegan, respecting the earth and environment. Yeah, it’s been an amazing decision. So, more news will follow. I will keep you up to date and I’ll see you when I am able to do my next vlog. I wanted to do a daily vlog, but I’ve noticed that work and life are busy, so I’ll just vlog whenever I feel like I have something new to share. I wish you a very nice morning, afternoon or evening, depending on where you are on this world, and thanks for watching again.

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